The field of biometrics has grown into an extensive array of products, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Fingerprint biometric technologies is among the most widely recognized but poorly understood technologies. The industry has only recently begun to evolve from offering interesting technologies to holistic solutions. However, these solutions require significant customization and integration to deliver real value. We assist organizations in applying the appropriate biometric technologies for comprehensive improvements of their security posture without "putting a steel door on a tent."

Voice biometrics provides a level of integrity and confidence comparable with fingerprint biometric technologies but is the only biometric technology that does not require an expensive and distributed biometric collection infrastructure. 

Cyberström has extensive knowledge, experience, and thought-leadership in the emerging voice biometrics field, including research and collaboration with leading experts in the field of voice biometric authentication technologies, and developing programs for  highly secure voice authentication infrastructure for supporting Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for voice-enable web applications and automated self-service Helpdesk functions.  ©  Cyberström, LLC  2012