The traditional IT security model is woefully inadequate to address the tectonic shift in attack surfaces resulting from the shift to both cloud and mobile computing.  Many organizations focus primarily on extending their existing  security and device management paradigm with an inherent expectation that organization will continue to own, manage, and control mobile devices.  Unfortunately, a mobility security model focused on device security is unlikely to succeed because the organization simply cannot control all devices accessing its data and services.  IT security must shift its focus to securing data, loosely coupled from the computing environment itself and it is critical to assume a contemporary cloud model where the organization neither owns nor controls the hosting infrastructure, platform, or service yet must protect what it does own – the data.  Where previous models relied upon verticalization, perimeter security, and security stove piping, new models rely upon enterprise Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) services, and multi-dimensional virtualization and abstraction. The new security model must be adaptive, contextual, identity-aware, and far more modular than the traditional information security model. Cyberström has deep expertise in designing contemporary security solutions that allow organizations to leverage the tremendous business benefits of cloud and mobile computing while improving  their security posture.  ©  Cyberström, LLC  2012